Sprint Unlimited – Injured Football Player

Here’ s another funny Sprint Unlimited commercial. This one featuring an injured football player and doctor. The doctor responds to all his patients remarks about his injuries, in an “only cell phone related” dialogue … pretty funny! Sprint’s got some other good one’s too … I may post them here later.

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Kevin Bacon Fan Commercial for Logitech Revue & Google TV

I remember seeing this commercial last month and wanted to post it, but then forgot about it until I saw it again last night.  So I made sure I emailed myself from my iPad to remember this time to post it here ;-). So here it is … it’s a pretty funny commercial.

I sorta-kinda always had this like-hate viewing relationship with Kevin Bacon over the years … he always played the villain really well and that’s why I’m sure.  I also saw him live in concert right around the corner from my home (small town) when he was touring with his band about 8-9 years ago. They were surprisingly good.

UPDATE: Ok so I just did a search for “Kevin Bacon Band” and I see that “The Bacon Brothers” are live and well and still touring. Huh. I did not know that!

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Funny New Windows Phone Commercial: Skydiving

Here’s yet another new (funny) Window’s Phone commercial. This one’s featuring a couple of skydivers taking and trying to take (iPhone) pictures while failing from the sky.

My favorite line in this one is: “Hey is it cool if I date Emily when you’re … oh never mind.” Funny!


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FedEx Commercial: Names (Dan Fool)

Saw this last night while over my parents for dinner. My dad and I both laughed and he repeated “Dan Fool” and said “Ha. That’s funny!” I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too … I like “Duane the Bathtub” …

Good job as usual FedEx Ad team.

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Verizon Wireless NFL RedZone Quick Dip

Saw this yesterday while watching some Turkey Day Football. Pretty funny …Verizon Wireless with NFL RedZone promotion featuring a couple sitting by the pool and the girl takes a “quick dip” then comes back as the Vikings Adrian Peterson.

“Keep your head in the game …”

Verizon Wireless

Windows Phone Bathroom Really

Well, here’s another one for the new Windows Phone. I must admit (again) that these commercial are Very Good! There are a few of them out now (‘ll post more). They are so good in fact that they might even make me replace my beloved iPhone with it ……… Apple you better make some changes in OS5 or else. Although I know they won’t ever have an integrated Facebook interface due to the fact that Microsoft is a share holder of Facebook. Oh well … let’s see how well the phone does once it’s on the streets for a while. Can you say “Mobile Phone Viruses”?!

Well done on the TV Ads though Microsoft! You definitely hired the right agency for these!


Windows Phone Commercial

Just saw this commercial while watching the Phillies – Giants Playoff Game.

First time I’ve seen it … was wondering who it was for and thinking “WOW! That really does seem like the way “we” are going with our cell phones. Always connected. Sheesh!”

Then I saw Windows Phone come on the screen. Na! Not for me. I’m sticking with my non-crashing, non-virus, all-apped-up, iPhone! Nice try Microsoft (good commercial, but you ain’t gettin’ me).

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Subaru Baby Driver Commercial

Great commercial if you’ve got kids, a girl especially – DAD’s! They grow up too quick – Subaru really hit a home run with this ad; it hits us father’s straight in the heart. I want my kids driving Subaru’s!

Well done Subaru America.

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M&M’s Pretzel Commercial

The new M&M’s Pretzel Commercial is pretty funny. I like the pretzel … “I ain’t too thrilled about this either.”

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Truth – Shards O’ Glass

Just quit smoking already:


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