AT&T Debuts Huge Campaign for Business Customers

AT&T announces today that this advertising campaign is their “largest in the B2B space since 2004 – begins today with a television ad titled ‘Anthem’.”

Here’s their first commercial in this space …


A Couple Funny AT&T Commercials

I like these AT&T Commercials showing that their network is faster than others (true or untrue … the ads are funny)

Taco Party – “You invited Eric?” Funny.

And this one … with the Laughing guy. I like the girl next to the laughing guy in the back seat. She taps him … funny!

AT&T, Funny

Allstate Mayhem – GPS

And yet another good TV commercial from Allstate. This one features Mayhem as a GPS unit giving not-so-great-directions.

“You never update me. So now, I just have to wing it!” LOL – Hilarious!!!!!


Allstate Mayhem, Creative, Funny

Allstate Mayhem – Snow

Another very good TV commercial from Allstate featuring Mayhem as “snow”.

I love this line … “and while your pants struggle to support? the heavier you…” so funny.

Then he blows the little bit of snow off the tree limb and down he goes …

Allstate Mayhem, Creative, Funny

Verizon’s first iPhone Commercial

Here it is! Verizon’s very first iPhone Commercial … though this ad doesn’t even show the new ViPhone; As you’ll see it shows a slew of clocks (I guess) counting down to … 2.10.11.

The ad also thanks their millions of customers “who never stopped believing this day would come”.

If you haven’t seen the ad yet during Prime Time, you will I’m certain. Verizon Wireless will surely be dumping the majority of their wireless advertising budget into their new iPhone (as opposed to their Droid) to take away any thunder they can from AT&T.

It will be fun watching both sides go at each other via TV Commercials … we’ll try to keep up with them all right here.

iPhone, Verizon Wireless

Miller Lite – Skinny Jeans

Another FUNNY commercial by Miller Lite featuring “Kinda Like … Skinny Jeans”. The best par is when he asks if the score is “still 21 – 32?”. And one of the guys replies “Yeah. Just like your jean size!”. HA! So funny … watch the skinny jeans reaction after that too .. also funny!

Funny, Miller Lite

GEICO Commercial – Woodchucks

I’m sure most of you have seen this GEICO commercial already, but I just had to post it … it’s pretty funny. I love the woodchucks “chuckling” while chucking the wood! Hilarious!

This sure beats seeing those Caveman commercials. Thanks for not airing them anymore Geico!

Funny, Geico

Volkswagen Jetta – Split Second

An impressive ad by Volkswagen for the new 2011 Jetta called Split Second. This commercial really makes me think (briefly) about buying the new Jetta for these safety reasons alone; plus it seems priced right. I like the sentence at the end ” … Great. For the price of good.”

I think the only thing they sort-of “hid” nicely was the airbag-(not)-in-the-face. I haven’t been in an accident where the airbag was deployed, but I’ve heard stories of how people’s noses have been broken and faces bruised from them. Obviously, the fact that they were otherwise not injured (or dead) means the airbag did what it was designed to do … save lives. But, in this ad the airbag safely misses the actors face thereby avoiding the awkwardness of the aftereffects (hey, most people probably wouldn’t even think of it anyway). Still … a very good ad!

Creative, Good, Volkswagen

JG Wentworth Opera

Here’s a favorite among some of you I’m sure … the JG Wentworth opera signing about a buying structured settlements … after listening to this who can forget “877-CASH-NOW”. lol.

Apparently it’s an original composition written and produced by Karlin+Pimsler? Advertising, NYC. Which is pretty cool, because it wasn’t just some rip-off parody. Good work guys.


Super Bowl 2011 Commercials Rundown

The Super Bowl has become an American holiday and while originally, most people just tuned in for the game, nowadays there’s more than just the football contest that draws fans to the spectacle. There’s the pre-game show, celebrity halftime acts, the Super Bowl predictions courtesy of BetUs – and predictions from virtually every other person, place or thing you know – and, of course, the commercials.

As per usual, the 2011 lineup of advertisers will include a few familiar faces (or companies). Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser) is always a staple of NFL advertising and they’ll be a headlining commercial act. Other companies that we’ll see include Coca-Cola, E*Trade and Pepsi will also get back into the fold after a one-year absence. All of the commercial slots sold out in December.

The average cost for a 30-second spot at Super Bowl XLIV was $2.8 million so expect a similar cost (with some inflation) for this year’s game.

USA Today will run it’s popular ad meter contest where a user-generated video will win up to $5 million if it’s chosen this season. Last year’s winner was the octogenarian performers Betty White and Abe Vigoda playing tackle football in a Snickers commercial.

Super Bowl XLV will take place on February 6th, 2011.

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