Today’s TV Commercials

Here’s a “geeky” commercial for ya on Alltell’s circle of friends deal.

Today's TV Commercials

Burger King “I’m A Man” Theme

Ok, this is more like it Burger King – I don’t know what the heck you where thinking with the family in whopper suits! This “man theme” is bound to bring in some new business for ya … TVCB ID: Burger King “I’m A Man” Theme TV Commercial

Today's TV Commercials

Budget Luxury Rental Car

Somewhat funny commercial … but I believe this one’s a rip from the first National Lampoons Vacation, when Chevy Chase fell asleep at the wheel … remember? They showed each kid sleeping in the backseat, then went to mom in the front, then panned over to dad sleeping behind the wheel. Then mom taps “Sparky” […]

Today's TV Commercials

UPS Racing Truck – Brakes

Here’s another new UPS Truck Racing TV Commercial (I think this one’s a sequel to the one I listed below). TVCB ID: UPS Racing Truck TV Commercial

Today's TV Commercials

UPS Nascar Racing Commercial

I was searching for the UPS Fast commercial where the trucks speedily stops into the beach scene and drops snow on the road … when I came across this one (which I havent’ seen on the air yet … maybe you have). It’s pretty funny (small ad agency stuff in the beginning). TVCB ID: UPS […]

Today's TV Commercials

Mercedes Benz GL – “It’s Ready”

I’ve been wanting to post this tv commercial for the new Mercedes GL for a while, but just never got around to it. I like it. It’s funny. Here it is: TVCB ID: Mercedes Benz GL Television Commercial

Today's TV Commercials

Mac & PC Commercial – Networking

Here’s another Mac & PC commercial. This one’s called “Networking” and features a “new digital camera from Japan” that the Mac speaks fluently with. These commercials are funny. TVCB ID: Mac & PC Networking Television Commercial

Today's TV Commercials Evolving Search TV Commercial

This is a very creative / funny TV commercial by With these ads, they may become a real player in the search engine world with the Google and Yahoo giants. I pulled this from the Official Blog: “CAFÉ In the midst of an Internet cafe where searchers have yet to evolve, one discovers […]

Today's TV Commercials

Skittles Beard TV Commercial

I haven’t seen this commercial on TV yet, but I’ve been getting a lot of searches for people looking for it. Found it on YouTube so here it is … kinda strange … TVCB ID: Skittles Long Beard Television Commercial

Today's TV Commercials

The Slowskys Comcast Commercial

It seems like a lot of people like this commercial … it’s getting a ton of searches in goole, yahoo and msn. Look, the Slowskys even have their own website – So, since so many of you like it, I thought I’d please you … I’m not a comcast fan … I actually switched […]

Slowskys, Today's TV Commercials

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