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Samsung Infuse 4G “Spider”

“Got it!” “Thanks Dave”. Funny!

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**Spoiler Alert** 2011 Super Bowl XLV Commercials

This comes to us via – 2011 Super Bowl XLV Commercials, Ad Previews, Behind the Scenes, Sneak Peeks and Movie Trailers. They have compiled a very nice YouTube playlist that shows all of these vids in a row, so do enjoy and make sure to visit their website for up-to-the-minute Superbowl related Ads. Or […]

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Windows Phone Commercial

Just saw this commercial while watching the Phillies – Giants Playoff Game. First time I’ve seen it … was wondering who it was for and thinking “WOW! That really does seem like the way “we” are going with our cell phones. Always connected. Sheesh!” Then I saw Windows Phone come on the screen. Na! Not […]

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T Mobile Economists & Catherine Zeta Jones Commercial

T Mobile – Catherine Zeta Jones Comes to the Door Commercial. 8/10 Americans pay too much for their cellphone service. A team of economists got sent out and got door slammed in face. Then T Mobile tried a different approach. Catherine Zeta Jones come to the door and says “Do you have time for a […]

Today's TV Commercials

Cingular Go Commercial – Mothers Love

Here’s another Cingular (now AT&T) Commercial where mother and daughter are having a loving argument “… changing the conversation about cell phones …” I’m still looking for the newest one with the Dad and son in the garage … will post when I find it.

Today's TV Commercials

The Slowskys – Lava Comcast Commercial

Ok here’s the Slowskys “Lava” Comcast Commercial … more coming soon …

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First Ever Joost Commercial

Here’s the first ever Joost commercial. Joost is the much awaited much anticipated new online TV service from the creators of Skype.

Today's TV Commercials

Orange County Choppers AOL Super Bowl 38 Commercial

Ha! Remember this commercial from Super Bowl 38? I think this is what really boosted the OCC boys to super stardom faster than AOL went south (even with these ads).

Today's TV Commercials

Get a Mac – Buy a PC

One of the funnier ones running right now for the ’06 Holiday Season. To see all of the “Get a Mac” commercials … go here (quicktime required).

Today's TV Commercials

Land Rover – Spinning Accolades

This is one of three recent spots by Land Rover for their new LR3 named “Spinning Accolades”. The vehicle is shown driving across the El Dorado Dry Lake Bed near Las Vegas traversing its way around large blocks of type praising the vehicle. Pretty cool effects. Nice driving.

Today's TV Commercials

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