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My 2011 Superbowl Commercial Picks

I know it took a week to post my favs, but here they are … my Top 10 Superbowl Commercial picks for 2011. Commercial’s you do not see here I don’t feel I need to post, so you can make up your own order on them. Agree / Disagree? Let me know in comments. Volkswagen […]

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Superbowl TV Commercials Live Updates

Live updates on the Superbowl / Brandbowl commercials on our Twitter and Facebook pages. We’ll be back here tomorrow and throughout next week blogging about our favorites and not-so-favorites during the game. #superbowl #brandbowl

Super Bowls

**Spoiler Alert** 2011 Super Bowl XLV Commercials

This comes to us via – 2011 Super Bowl XLV Commercials, Ad Previews, Behind the Scenes, Sneak Peeks and Movie Trailers. They have compiled a very nice YouTube playlist that shows all of these vids in a row, so do enjoy and make sure to visit their website for up-to-the-minute Superbowl related Ads. Or […]

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Super Bowl 2011 Commercials Rundown

The Super Bowl has become an American holiday and while originally, most people just tuned in for the game, nowadays there’s more than just the football contest that draws fans to the spectacle. There’s the pre-game show, celebrity halftime acts, the Super Bowl predictions courtesy of BetUs – and predictions from virtually every other person, […]

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My Favorite 2008 Superbowl Commercials

Ok, I know it’s late, but here’s my list of favorites from this year’s 2008 Superbowl Commercials. I’ll keep updating the list as I get them in. … And the number on spot goes to… Tide-To-Go Silence the Stain Instantly abilify buy buy acai side effects of accutane aciphex costs acomplia cheap discount actonel fosamax […]

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Best & Worst Super Bowl 41 Commercials

First off, I want to congratulate the Indianapolis Colts for their amazing comeback win over the Chicago Bears in last night’s Big Game. As far as the commercial ads go, I was overly impressed at all. I felt a bit let down with the lack of “Funny” and “Creative” commercials this year. I’d have to […]

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Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials So Far

The best TV ad as of the beginning of the 3rd quarter is this Bud Lite Commercial – Rock, Paper Scissors: The worst (tough since most of the aren’t that good at all):

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Today is Super TV Commercial Bowl Sunday

Yep it’s here again … the Super Bowl. Millions of people around the world surrounding the tv to watch some the best (and worst) television advertising of the year occasionally interrupted with a football game. We plan to offer you some of those right here on the TV Commercial Blog, so be sure and stop […]

Super Bowls

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