Slowskys Neighbors Comast Commercial

For all your Slowskys lovers out there … here’s another (Slowskys Neighbors)


Comcast – Slowskys – And/Or

Here’s another Comcast Slowskys commercial. This one features the Verizon “and/or” statement.


The Slowskys – Lava Comcast Commercial

Ok here’s the Slowskys “Lava” Comcast Commercial … more coming soon …

Slowskys, Today's TV Commercials

Slowskys – You Push It! You Push it real good!

People have asked so here it is … the Comcast Slowskys. “You Push It! You Push it real good!” Commercial.

Funny, Slowskys

The Slowskys Comcast Commercial

It seems like a lot of people like this commercial … it’s getting a ton of searches in goole, yahoo and msn. Look, the Slowskys even have their own website – So, since so many of you like it, I thought I’d please you … I’m not a comcast fan … I actually switched […]

Slowskys, Today's TV Commercials

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