Volkswagen Jetta – Split Second

An impressive ad by Volkswagen for the new 2011 Jetta called Split Second. This commercial really makes me think (briefly) about buying the new Jetta for these safety reasons alone; plus it seems priced right. I like the sentence at the end ” … Great. For the price of good.” I think the only thing […]

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Sprint Unlimited – Injured Football Player

Here’ s another funny Sprint Unlimited commercial. This one featuring an injured football player and doctor. The doctor responds to all his patients remarks about his injuries, in an “only cell phone related” dialogue … pretty funny! Sprint’s got some other good one’s too … I may post them here later.

Funny, Good, Sprint

Kevin Bacon Fan Commercial for Logitech Revue & Google TV

I remember seeing this commercial last month and wanted to post it, but then forgot about it until I saw it again last night.  So I made sure I emailed myself from my iPad to remember this time to post it here ;-). So here it is … it’s a pretty funny commercial. I sorta-kinda […]

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Subaru Baby Driver Commercial

Great commercial if you’ve got kids, a girl especially – DAD’s! They grow up too quick – Subaru really hit a home run with this ad; it hits us father’s straight in the heart. I want my kids driving Subaru’s! Well done Subaru America.

Good, Subaru

Budlight “The Ultimate Tail Gate Car”

Gotta love football season: football, cooler weather and the best TV Commercials. Budlight is off to a good start with this new “The Ultimate Tail Gate Car” commercial. Gotta luv it … “Your grille is a grill!”. Enjoy: “The Ultimate Tail Gate Car”

Budlight, Funny, Good

Kidzilla – Nissan Altima Commercial

I like the new Nissan Altima commercial dubbed “Kidzilla”. I think it’s kinda creative and funny … reminds me of when I was a kid destroying my Matchbox and Hotwheel cars and loving it. Good job Nissan on this one.

Creative, Good

Google: New Baby Commercial

Aww. Here’s a cute Google commercial for a “new father” expecting their first baby (or twins).  Being a father, it’s funny to see search after search of different things when expecting a newborn. This is a 1 minute long Web-only video so I’m not sure if Google will release a shortened version or not for […]

Good, Google, Web Only

Fuel TV Skateboarding Commercial

Pretty cool tv commercial for Fuel TV (see quoted description below). I like it how just revolves around and repeats … not to mention the cool tricks. Fuel TV just dropped a new commercial featuring Mike Anderson and the rest of the Matix team. FUEL TV – Mobius Tricks (Directors cut) from Colin Kennedy on […]


Rock it Like Block .com – Ford Fiesta

Was just checking out some X Games watching Shaun White skate the vert and this commercial came on: I’m a fan of Ken Block (DC Shoes founder) and his Gymkhana videos … and this commercial promoting, features him in his “life really hasn’t changed that much” Ford Fiesta. It’s a good commercial with some […]

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