FedEx Commercial: Names (Dan Fool)

Saw this last night while over my parents for dinner. My dad and I both laughed and he repeated “Dan Fool” and said “Ha. That’s funny!” I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too … I like “Duane the Bathtub” … Good job as usual FedEx Ad team.

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M&M’s Pretzel Commercial

The new M&M’s Pretzel Commercial is pretty funny. I like the pretzel … “I ain’t too thrilled about this either.”

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Budlight “The Ultimate Tail Gate Car”

Gotta love football season: football, cooler weather and the best TV Commercials. Budlight is off to a good start with this new “The Ultimate Tail Gate Car” commercial. Gotta luv it … “Your grille is a grill!”. Enjoy: “The Ultimate Tail Gate Car”

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Old Spice Bear with Ray Lewis

I was watching Sunday Night Football last night and this Old Spice commercial came on. Funny (as usually, from these guys lately) … “animals wanna learn how to talk, so they can hang out with me” … hilarious – I was rolling!!! Great writing Old Spice and that’s some great acting Ray Lewis! 😉

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Old Spice – Boat

Attention “Ladies” I spotted a new Old Spice TV Ad last night, as I’m sure you did too (well maybe not, I only noticed it on History Channel) ;-). Anyway, here’s one for the stache lovers out there. I’m thinking of growing one … we’ll see what the wife thinks.

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All State Insurance – Meet Mayhem

You’ve seen this one by now I’m sure. Just wanted to get it up here for your enjoyment. I’ll be posting each new “Mayhem” commercial as get them. Meet Mayhem … HA. LOL. I still love this commercial. Here’s a link to “Shaky“.

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Comcast – Don’t fall for FIOS “Neighbors”

Just saw this Comcast “Don’t fall for FIOS” commercial for the first time today. It’s pretty funny. I like the “FIOS mail” coming in on a forklift – LOL! And the wiring all over the side of the house … Comcast usually does a good job making fun of Verizon. C’mon Verizon … when are […]

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Allstate Insurance – Mayhem is Coming Tree Branch

AllState’s commercials featuring “Mayhem” are great. Very creative and pretty funny. The actor’s facial expressions are hilarious – he really does a great job at playing “Mayhem”. In this short (only 15 seconds), he’s a “random wind storm”… “Shaky … Shaky, Shaky, Shaky!” … I love it. Enjoy: I’ll be posting the other ones here […]

Allstate Mayhem, Creative, Funny, My Favorites – The Credit Enforcer

Yeah I know this has been out for a while, but I kept forgetting to post it. Then I saw it again today and decided to look it up. I found this original long version: 509 is my favorite. Which one is yours?

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Old Spice Commercial – “Swan Dive”

“Hello ladies. How are you? Fantastic.” This is a very creative and very funny TV commercial. Once you watch it, you’ll understand why I subtitled it “Swan Dive” 😉 By the way, I DO USE Old Spice deodorant – great stuff. Makes me smell like this guy.

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