My 2011 Superbowl Commercial Picks

I know it took a week to post my favs, but here they are … my Top 10 Superbowl Commercial picks for 2011. Commercial’s you do not see here I don’t feel I need to post, so you can make up your own order on them. Agree / Disagree? Let me know in comments. Volkswagen […]

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A Couple Funny AT&T Commercials

I like these AT&T Commercials showing that their network is faster than others (true or untrue … the ads are funny) Taco Party – “You invited Eric?” Funny. And this one … with the Laughing guy. I like the girl next to the laughing guy in the back seat. She taps him … funny!

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Allstate Mayhem – GPS

And yet another good TV commercial from Allstate. This one features Mayhem as a GPS unit giving not-so-great-directions. “You never update me. So now, I just have to wing it!” LOL – Hilarious!!!!! “Recalculating!”

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Allstate Mayhem – Snow

Another very good TV commercial from Allstate featuring Mayhem as “snow”. I love this line … “and while your pants struggle to support? the heavier you…” so funny. Then he blows the little bit of snow off the tree limb and down he goes …

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Miller Lite – Skinny Jeans

Another FUNNY commercial by Miller Lite featuring “Kinda Like … Skinny Jeans”. The best par is when he asks if the score is “still 21 – 32?”. And one of the guys replies “Yeah. Just like your jean size!”. HA! So funny … watch the skinny jeans reaction after that too .. also funny!

Funny, Miller Lite

GEICO Commercial – Woodchucks

I’m sure most of you have seen this GEICO commercial already, but I just had to post it … it’s pretty funny. I love the woodchucks “chuckling” while chucking the wood! Hilarious! This sure beats seeing those Caveman commercials. Thanks for not airing them anymore Geico!

Funny, Geico

JG Wentworth Opera

Here’s a favorite among some of you I’m sure … the JG Wentworth opera signing about a buying structured settlements … after listening to this who can forget “877-CASH-NOW”. lol. Apparently it’s an original composition written and produced by Karlin+Pimsler? Advertising, NYC. Which is pretty cool, because it wasn’t just some rip-off parody. Good work […]


Sprint Unlimited – Injured Football Player

Here’ s another funny Sprint Unlimited commercial. This one featuring an injured football player and doctor. The doctor responds to all his patients remarks about his injuries, in an “only cell phone related” dialogue … pretty funny! Sprint’s got some other good one’s too … I may post them here later.

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Kevin Bacon Fan Commercial for Logitech Revue & Google TV

I remember seeing this commercial last month and wanted to post it, but then forgot about it until I saw it again last night.  So I made sure I emailed myself from my iPad to remember this time to post it here ;-). So here it is … it’s a pretty funny commercial. I sorta-kinda […]

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Funny New Windows Phone Commercial: Skydiving

Here’s yet another new (funny) Window’s Phone commercial. This one’s featuring a couple of skydivers taking and trying to take (iPhone) pictures while failing from the sky. My favorite line in this one is: “Hey is it cool if I date Emily when you’re … oh never mind.” Funny! Enjoy:

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