FedEx “Test Shipment” Golf Clubs

Funny (not new) FedEx commercial about a guy who isn’t quite ready to let his precious golf clubs be shipped to his vacation hotel. So he decides he’ll try a test shipment with some items that are a little less precious than his clubs. His friend Paunce is funny!

FedEx, Funny

FedEx Commercial: Names (Dan Fool)

Saw this last night while over my parents for dinner. My dad and I both laughed and he repeated “Dan Fool” and said “Ha. That’s funny!” I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too … I like “Duane the Bathtub” … Good job as usual FedEx Ad team.

FedEx, Funny

FedEx Cup Commercial

Another funny FedEx commercial. This one’s been on The Golf Channel promoting the new FedEx Cup.

FedEx, Funny

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