Progressive Insurance Commercials – Yawn!

Ok, I’m pretty tired of these Progressive Insurance TV Commercials. The first one or two were creative, but now they’re really just pummeling a dead horse. Change gears guys, get rid of the girl, go in a new direction, talk to the Agency that did the Old Spice commercials …do SOMETHING different.

Annoying, Dumb, Played Out

Burger King Whopper Rules – DUMB!

Yeah … DUMB! TVCB ID: Burger King Whopper Rules TV Commercial


Whopperettes – Dumb!

What happend to the office workers? This is just plain stupid: BURGER KING –> BRING BACK THE OFFICE WORKERS!!


Dr. Scholls – you gellin?

Dr. Scholls – you gellin? No, you slacken? Na, actually this one isn’t all that dumb (I’ve seen MUCH worse), but I do think it belongs in the 90’s era. I’ll give it 2.5 remotes out of 5.


Charmin Toilet Paper

Is it just me, or does anyone else think those Charmin cartoon bear commercials sickening? I mean come on … a couple of bears always takin a dump behind trees next to a river with a roll of TP hanging from a limb. Time to change your ad agency Charmin. Dumb!


BAM! Crest & Emeril

BAM! Crest & Emeril Lagassi Starts with Emeral brushing his teeth in the morning, then running to a cab which takes him to a lake, he jumps into a small boat and runs through the woods to stop and scream BAM! He should have screamed … DUMB!!!


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