My 2011 Superbowl Commercial Picks

I know it took a week to post my favs, but here they are … my Top 10 Superbowl Commercial picks for 2011. Commercial’s you do not see here I don’t feel I need to post, so you can make up your own order on them. Agree / Disagree? Let me know in comments. Volkswagen […]

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Allstate Mayhem – GPS

And yet another good TV commercial from Allstate. This one features Mayhem as a GPS unit giving not-so-great-directions. “You never update me. So now, I just have to wing it!” LOL – Hilarious!!!!! “Recalculating!”

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Allstate Mayhem – Snow

Another very good TV commercial from Allstate featuring Mayhem as “snow”. I love this line … “and while your pants struggle to support? the heavier you…” so funny. Then he blows the little bit of snow off the tree limb and down he goes …

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Volkswagen Jetta – Split Second

An impressive ad by Volkswagen for the new 2011 Jetta called Split Second. This commercial really makes me think (briefly) about buying the new Jetta for these safety reasons alone; plus it seems priced right. I like the sentence at the end ” … Great. For the price of good.” I think the only thing […]

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Kevin Bacon Fan Commercial for Logitech Revue & Google TV

I remember seeing this commercial last month and wanted to post it, but then forgot about it until I saw it again last night.  So I made sure I emailed myself from my iPad to remember this time to post it here ;-). So here it is … it’s a pretty funny commercial. I sorta-kinda […]

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Windows Phone Commercial

Just saw this commercial while watching the Phillies – Giants Playoff Game. First time I’ve seen it … was wondering who it was for and thinking “WOW! That really does seem like the way “we” are going with our cell phones. Always connected. Sheesh!” Then I saw Windows Phone come on the screen. Na! Not […]

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Kidzilla – Nissan Altima Commercial

I like the new Nissan Altima commercial dubbed “Kidzilla”. I think it’s kinda creative and funny … reminds me of when I was a kid destroying my Matchbox and Hotwheel cars and loving it. Good job Nissan on this one.

Creative, Good

Allstate Insurance – Mayhem is Coming Tree Branch

AllState’s commercials featuring “Mayhem” are great. Very creative and pretty funny. The actor’s facial expressions are hilarious – he really does a great job at playing “Mayhem”. In this short (only 15 seconds), he’s a “random wind storm”… “Shaky … Shaky, Shaky, Shaky!” … I love it. Enjoy: I’ll be posting the other ones here […]

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Yeah I know this has been out for a while, but I kept forgetting to post it. Then I saw it again today and decided to look it up. I found this original long version: 509 is my favorite. Which one is yours?

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Old Spice Commercial – “Swan Dive”

“Hello ladies. How are you? Fantastic.” This is a very creative and very funny TV commercial. Once you watch it, you’ll understand why I subtitled it “Swan Dive” 😉 By the way, I DO USE Old Spice deodorant – great stuff. Makes me smell like this guy.

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