Allstate Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem – GPS

And yet another good TV commercial from Allstate. This one features Mayhem as a GPS unit giving not-so-great-directions. “You never update me. So now, I just have to wing it!” LOL – Hilarious!!!!! “Recalculating!”

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Allstate Mayhem – Snow

Another very good TV commercial from Allstate featuring Mayhem as “snow”. I love this line … “and while your pants struggle to support? the heavier you…” so funny. Then he blows the little bit of snow off the tree limb and down he goes …

Allstate Mayhem, Creative, Funny

All State Insurance – Meet Mayhem

You’ve seen this one by now I’m sure. Just wanted to get it up here for your enjoyment. I’ll be posting each new “Mayhem” commercial as get them. Meet Mayhem … HA. LOL. I still love this commercial. Here’s a link to “Shaky“.

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Allstate Insurance – Mayhem is Coming Tree Branch

AllState’s commercials featuring “Mayhem” are great. Very creative and pretty funny. The actor’s facial expressions are hilarious – he really does a great job at playing “Mayhem”. In this short (only 15 seconds), he’s a “random wind storm”… “Shaky … Shaky, Shaky, Shaky!” … I love it. Enjoy: I’ll be posting the other ones here […]

Allstate Mayhem, Creative, Funny, My Favorites

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