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Scott Toilet Paper: Geez Louise

Scott Extra Soft Tissue “Geez Louise” and “Holy Mackerel”. Older, but funny commercial.

Funny, Scott Toilet Paper

Citizens Bank Car Parking Garage

Here’s a pretty funny commercial from Citizens Bank featuring our Founding Fathers. I like the line by the driver, I mean Benjamin Franklin the best: “Hmm. Very deep … Now get out and lift the gate.”

Citizens Bank, Funny

FedEx “Test Shipment” Golf Clubs

Funny (not new) FedEx commercial about a guy who isn’t quite ready to let his precious golf clubs be shipped to his vacation hotel. So he decides he’ll try a test shipment with some items that are a little less precious than his clubs. His friend Paunce is funny!

FedEx, Funny

Fiat featuring J. Lo

Here’s a new FIAT commercial featuring J. Lo dubbed “My Word” in NYC. This commercial is a pre-release today and will be aired starting tomorrow October 11, 2011. Sure is an ugly car … I guess that’s why they hired J. Lo to be the “face”.


CarMax Weatherman

Good commercial for CarMax. Never heard of them before this commercial (ok scratch that – looks like they were in my top 10 Superbowl commercials earlier this year. Ok so I forgot). Good job anyway! “The five day show no chance of rain, and we guarantee it.” “So if even one drop falls, this station […]

CarMax, Funny

Samsung Infuse 4G “Spider”

“Got it!” “Thanks Dave”. Funny!

Mobile Phones, Samsung, Today's TV Commercials

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