Volkswagen Jetta – Split Second

An impressive ad by Volkswagen for the new 2011 Jetta called Split Second. This commercial really makes me think (briefly) about buying the new Jetta for these safety reasons alone; plus it seems priced right. I like the sentence at the end ” … Great. For the price of good.”

I think the only thing they sort-of “hid” nicely was the airbag-(not)-in-the-face. I haven’t been in an accident where the airbag was deployed, but I’ve heard stories of how people’s noses have been broken and faces bruised from them. Obviously, the fact that they were otherwise not injured (or dead) means the airbag did what it was designed to do … save lives. But, in this ad the airbag safely misses the actors face thereby avoiding the awkwardness of the aftereffects (hey, most people probably wouldn’t even think of it anyway). Still … a very good ad!

Creative, Good, Volkswagen

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