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Truth – Shards O’ Glass

Just quit smoking already:


Budlight “The Ultimate Tail Gate Car”

Gotta love football season: football, cooler weather and the best TV Commercials. Budlight is off to a good start with this new “The Ultimate Tail Gate Car” commercial. Gotta luv it … “Your grille is a grill!”. Enjoy: “The Ultimate Tail Gate Car”

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Old Spice Bear with Ray Lewis

I was watching Sunday Night Football last night and this Old Spice commercial came on. Funny (as usually, from these guys lately) … “animals wanna learn how to talk, so they can hang out with me” … hilarious – I was rolling!!! Great writing Old Spice and that’s some great acting Ray Lewis! 😉

Funny, My Favorites, Old Spice

Kidzilla – Nissan Altima Commercial

I like the new Nissan Altima commercial dubbed “Kidzilla”. I think it’s kinda creative and funny … reminds me of when I was a kid destroying my Matchbox and Hotwheel cars and loving it. Good job Nissan on this one.

Creative, Good

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