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Google: New Baby Commercial

Aww. Here’s a cute Google commercial for a “new father” expecting their first baby (or twins).  Being a father, it’s funny to see search after search of different things when expecting a newborn. This is a 1 minute long Web-only video so I’m not sure if Google will release a shortened version or not for […]

Good, Google, Web Only

Fuel TV Skateboarding Commercial

Pretty cool tv commercial for Fuel TV (see quoted description below). I like it how just revolves around and repeats … not to mention the cool tricks. Fuel TV just dropped a new commercial featuring Mike Anderson and the rest of the Matix team. FUEL TV – Mobius Tricks (Directors cut) from Colin Kennedy on […]


Old Spice – Boat

Attention “Ladies” I spotted a new Old Spice TV Ad last night, as I’m sure you did too (well maybe not, I only noticed it on History Channel) ;-). Anyway, here’s one for the stache lovers out there. I’m thinking of growing one … we’ll see what the wife thinks.

Funny, Old Spice

All State Insurance – Meet Mayhem

You’ve seen this one by now I’m sure. Just wanted to get it up here for your enjoyment. I’ll be posting each new “Mayhem” commercial as get them. Meet Mayhem … HA. LOL. I still love this commercial. Here’s a link to “Shaky“.

Allstate Mayhem, Funny, My Favorites

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