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GE Wind Energy Commercial

This is a well done and cute commercial. I like the videography and … the ending is funny. This is the long version. “Capturing the wind and putting it to good use. Wind energy from GE.” GE Wind Energy Turbines


Vizzavi Email – Tennis Commercial

Here’s a cute little animated commercial on “email all your friends at once, by phone or pc”. Ok here’s a bonus for you too – it’s a ‘short’ called Jurassic Fart … pretty funny:


Brad Pitt Retro Pringles Commercial

This is turning out to be an unplanned weekend of Retro commercials … here’s one for all the ladies – Brad Pitt in his early acting days: Brad Pitt for Pringles Posted Aug 30, 2007 Brad Pitt has teh fever for teh Pringles.


Mr. T A&W Retro Commercial

Well since I’m on a Mr. T kick … here’s a retro one for you to enjoy FOOL … Hey look, Mr. T even got his own category here 😉

Mr. T, Retro

Mr. T Snickers

So, I was searching around tonight for the newest Kia “Save the Greenbacks” commercial (which I happen to like), but found that the Kia page that had it is no longer available … turns out a lot of people hated that commercial (is that why it’s gone? who knows) – anywho … in my searching […]

Funny, Mr. T

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