Best & Worst Super Bowl 41 Commercials

First off, I want to congratulate the Indianapolis Colts for their amazing comeback win over the Chicago Bears in last night’s Big Game.

As far as the commercial ads go, I was overly impressed at all. I felt a bit let down with the lack of “Funny” and “Creative” commercials this year. I’d have to say it was one of the worst years for big ads during the game. And it’s almost not even worth mentioning the way-over-hyped ad that was just lame.

I was able to pick a couple “Best” and “Worst” overall, although worst could go to at least one third (I’m being modest) of those shown. What I call best is actually made me laugh! Here they are:


Bud Lite Classroom – Carlos Mencia Teaching English

Rock, Paper Siscors – Bud Lite

FedEx – Not What it Seems

Emerald Nuts – “Boogeyman”


Here’s a links since they disabled the ’embed’ option, but that’s ok because theirs was by far the worst! So don’t bother clicking on it:

Garmin GPS

Snickers – Do Something Manly

Super Bowls

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