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Staples New Easy Tech Service Commercial

Here’s the new funny Staples “EASY” commercial promoting their new “Easy Tech” service:


Hello Moto Video Commercial

I was drinking a nice cup of coffee when I hit play on this video and almost spit it out. The end was totally unexpecting and very funny.


Comcast Old Folks Dancin

Here’s a older Comcast commercial starting out with a record spinning that says “Dial – up” on it with a “DSL” cover near by. The camera pans out to some an olderly couple slow dancing. Then the DJ spins some Hip-Hop and the old folks start bustin’ a move. Funny.

Funny, The Best TV Commercials

Best & Worst Super Bowl 41 Commercials

First off, I want to congratulate the Indianapolis Colts for their amazing comeback win over the Chicago Bears in last night’s Big Game. As far as the commercial ads go, I was overly impressed at all. I felt a bit let down with the lack of “Funny” and “Creative” commercials this year. I’d have to […]

Super Bowls

Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials So Far

The best TV ad as of the beginning of the 3rd quarter is this Bud Lite Commercial – Rock, Paper Scissors: The worst (tough since most of the aren’t that good at all):

Super Bowls

Today is Super TV Commercial Bowl Sunday

Yep it’s here again … the Super Bowl. Millions of people around the world surrounding the tv to watch some the best (and worst) television advertising of the year occasionally interrupted with a football game. We plan to offer you some of those right here on the TV Commercial Blog, so be sure and stop […]

Super Bowls

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