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Burger King Manipulation

This is a pretty funny new commercial from Burger King called “Manipulation”. I guess what makes it funny to me is that I’m a father now and seeing the parents wine and pout instead of the children makes it pretty hilarious. Haven’t seen it yet on Google Video or YouTube so you’ll have to go […]


Southwest “Want to get away?” Spoof

This is a very funny spoof on the currently running Southwest Airlines “Want to get away?” commercials. It’s actually happened to me several times … letting one rip in my office thinking it’s safe only to have someone walk in only seconds after, trying to get up and push them out before they are hit […]


Honda Accord Cog Commercial

Found this new Honda Accord “Cog” commercial on Google today. It’s 2 minutes long and follows a domino effect of small cogs and pieces that lead you to the new vehicle. Based on the steering wheel on the right side of the car, it’s apparently not an American commercial as of yet.


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