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Retro Atari Computer Commercial

Now this one is old-school. “Experience games like Super Breakout” … “ATARI. Discover how far you can go”. I had an Atari computer, Microsoft and Apple had nothing on it. That thing was no joke! I guess they weren’t cut out for the “personal computer” business. I did see somewhere that they’re trying to make […]

Yesterday's TV Commercials

Retro FAME Re-runs Commercial

This one’s going way back. Check out this retro commercial for FAME re-duns. TVCB ID: FAME re-runs Retro TV Commercial

Yesterday's TV Commercials

Guy on Treadmill Citi Card Commercial

This is another classic-funny Citi Card commercial … this time with a guy who is having problems with his new treadmill. It’s hilarious … TVCB ID: Citi Card Guy with Treadmill Problems TV Commercial


Aquafina “Drink More Water” Long Version

In searching for the newest Aquafina commercial, I came across this older one that is uncut. It’s 1:01 minuites long. I like these commercials … they’re creatively funny. TVCB ID: Aquafina Drink More Water Uncut TV Commercial

Creative, Funny

Virgin Atlantic How Deep is Your Love?

Ok, this commercial is a bit gay … and no I don’t roll that way AT ALL … but this commercial is pretty funny and I think Virgin Atlantic gets their point across. It certainly makes me want to fly with them! TVCB ID: Virgin Atlantic Airlines How Deep is Your Love TV Commercial


Ariston Aqualtis Washing Machine

This international spot is a truly great commercial from the Ariston company on their new washing machine. Very creative. Very well done. Check it out: TVCB ID: Ariston Aqualtis Washing Machine TV Commercial

Creative, The Best TV Commercials

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