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Mac and PC: Out of the box

Another commercial released by Apple comparing the differences between a Mac and a PC … this one’s right out of the box … and very funny! TVCB ID: MAC & PC Out of the Box Apple TV Commercial


Fox Sports MLB Playoffs are Coming

Never saw this aired on TV, but just came across it online. It’s probably old to some of you, but who cares … it’s funny. “Beware of things made in October” … TVCB ID: Fox Sports MLB Playoffs Don’t buy in October TV Commercial


Chinese security guards and darth vador

I have no idea what they are saying and the only words that I understand where ‘’. Very funny international commercial though … enjoy! TVCB ID: Chinese Darth Vador International TV Commercial


Star Trek Karaoke

This is funny! You’re not going to see it on real television, but it is a commercial for a website called Go Spock. Go Spock. Go. Go. Go Spock! TVCB ID: Start Trek Karaoke Commercial


UPS Racing Truck – Brakes

Here’s another new UPS Truck Racing TV Commercial (I think this one’s a sequel to the one I listed below). TVCB ID: UPS Racing Truck TV Commercial

Today's TV Commercials

UPS Nascar Racing Commercial

I was searching for the UPS Fast commercial where the trucks speedily stops into the beach scene and drops snow on the road … when I came across this one (which I havent’ seen on the air yet … maybe you have). It’s pretty funny (small ad agency stuff in the beginning). TVCB ID: UPS […]

Today's TV Commercials

Mercedes Benz GL – “It’s Ready”

I’ve been wanting to post this tv commercial for the new Mercedes GL for a while, but just never got around to it. I like it. It’s funny. Here it is: TVCB ID: Mercedes Benz GL Television Commercial

Today's TV Commercials

1983 Burger King Whaler

This is a blast from the past. Does anyone remember the Burger King Whaler? I sure don’t … let’s see, I was only 7 years old then and the only fast food I remember was the styrofoam “other guy” in this commercial ;-). Their fries used to be the bomb back in the day!! So […]

Yesterday's TV Commercials

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