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This one is from London and features a full choir making the sounds of a “lemon” (car that is). It’s creative and funny. Enjoy. Titled: What a lemon sounds like, courtesy of 10b’s Richard Hickey and The Daily Pie. [source:] TVCB ID: Honda Spoof Television Commercial


Skittles – Sheep Boys

Well this is a strange one. Saw this tonight at the movies waiting for Over the Hedge to start. Pair of human/sheep boys slurp up new kind of Skittles from a tree stump. Weird enough to post. TVCB ID: Skittles Sheep Boys Television Commercial


Mac & PC Commercial – Networking

Here’s another Mac & PC commercial. This one’s called “Networking” and features a “new digital camera from Japan” that the Mac speaks fluently with. These commercials are funny. TVCB ID: Mac & PC Networking Television Commercial

Today's TV Commercials

Apple “The Virus” PC MAC Commercial

Saw this commercial for the first time last night while watching the Apprentice Searched for it online and found that there are actually about a half dozen on the air right now. I’ll post the others later, but here’s “The Virus”: “I think I’m gonna … crash” — FUNNY!!! TVCB ID: Mac & PC Virus […]


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