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This one is from London and features a full choir making the sounds of a “lemon” (car that is). It’s creative and funny. Enjoy. Titled: What a lemon sounds like, courtesy of 10b’s Richard Hickey and The Daily Pie. [source:] TVCB ID: Honda Spoof Television Commercial


Skittles – Sheep Boys

Well this is a strange one. Saw this tonight at the movies waiting for Over the Hedge to start. Pair of human/sheep boys slurp up new kind of Skittles from a tree stump. Weird enough to post. TVCB ID: Skittles Sheep Boys Television Commercial


Mac & PC Commercial – Networking

Here’s another Mac & PC commercial. This one’s called “Networking” and features a “new digital camera from Japan” that the Mac speaks fluently with. These commercials are funny. TVCB ID: Mac & PC Networking Television Commercial

Today's TV Commercials

Apple “The Virus” PC MAC Commercial

Saw this commercial for the first time last night while watching the Apprentice 😉 Searched for it online and found that there are actually about a half dozen on the air right now. I’ll post the others later, but here’s “The Virus”: “I think I’m gonna … crash” — FUNNY!!! TVCB ID: Mac & PC […]


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