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This is a very creative / funny TV commercial by With these ads, they may become a real player in the search engine world with the Google and Yahoo giants. I pulled this from the Official Blog: “CAFÉ In the midst of an Internet cafe where searchers have yet to evolve, one discovers […]

Today's TV Commercials

Skittles Beard TV Commercial

I haven’t seen this commercial on TV yet, but I’ve been getting a lot of searches for people looking for it. Found it on YouTube so here it is … kinda strange … TVCB ID: Skittles Long Beard Television Commercial

Today's TV Commercials

The Slowskys Comcast Commercial

It seems like a lot of people like this commercial … it’s getting a ton of searches in goole, yahoo and msn. Look, the Slowskys even have their own website – So, since so many of you like it, I thought I’d please you … I’m not a comcast fan … I actually switched […]

Slowskys, Today's TV Commercials

Funny German Coastguard Language Barrier

Ah those funny German’s and their acents … this commercial is for Berlitz language company.


Old Smart Beep “Fart” Commercial

This commercial is fairly old … I remember seeing it years ago and apparently it was banned in the US shortly after (don’t know why … it’s just plain funny).


Kia Ring Commercial – A marriage proposal backfires.

This is a funny Kia commercial spot with a guy trying to be smooth in asking his girl to marry him … watch to see his smoothness.


VW GTi Commercial with Crate

Thanks to ‘TheFontBandit‘ telling me that there was another VW commercial was out, I found it and posted for ya .. This German guy cracks me up!!


VW GTi Commercial with Catapult

Hilarious new commercial from VW … the German dude is funny when he tries to talk urban style about pimped out rides.


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