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Bud Light Sky Diving

This has got to be one of the funniest commercials of 2005. When then pilot gets out of his seat and jumps after the beer … hilarious.

Funny, The Best TV Commercials

Diet Pepsi Machine

This one isn’t new .. but it’s pretty funny. Some quotes from it are: “Last year a convienence store, this year the Patriots” “Machine! He’s just one of the guys” – then Machine gets whipped with a town in the locker run … FUNNY!


Whopperettes – Dumb!

What happend to the office workers? This is just plain stupid: BURGER KING –> BRING BACK THE OFFICE WORKERS!!


Sprint Crime Deterrent

Sprint is coming out with some funny commercials lately. This ‘Sprint Crime Deterrent’ is one of them … Click to watch.


The Best 2006 Super Bowl Commercials

Ok, so here’s my list of the best and/or funniest Super Bowl commercials of 2006 … not in any particular order: Bud Light – On the Roof Review: Funny ‘married … “getaway”‘ commercial Bud Light – Save Yourself (Bear) Review: Funny Bud Light – Secret Fridge Review: Very Funny – Classic Bud Light Super Bowl […]

The Best TV Commercials

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