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Geico Caveman Commercials

Ok Geico it’s about time to stop using these OVERPLAYED caveman commercial … both of them. They are OLD and TIRED. What happened? Geico seemed to come out with a variety in bunches at one time … what happed to the gecko and white dude break dancing? I’d rather see that one then the cavemen. […]

Played Out

Starbucks “Rocky” Commercial

I know, this one is old too … but I just saw it for the first time so I’m sharing it with ya … it’s the Starbucks play-on “Survivor”, the theme music to Rocky? This is a hilarious!! > Click here to watch it.


Nextel Dance Party Commercial

Ooh baby, baby … babe-baby-baby … get up on this … FUNNY! I know it’s been on TV for a while, but it is still one of the funniest commercials out there right now. It is definately something I might be caught doing at work. -> Click here to watch it again!

Funny, The Best TV Commercials

Cingular Push to Talk Good Night Walton Family

Cingular Push to Talk Good Night Walton Family — Funny! At first I thought this was a Nextel commercial, but not that that matters any … it is still a pretty funny commercial. You know we’ve all said “goodnight John-boy” at sometime or another as a kid at summer camp or at asleep over.


Fighter with raw chickens as gloves

Saw this commercial on the Food Network. It had two boxers fighting in a ring, but instead of wearing boxing gloves, they had raw dead chickens on. Yeah, I know it sounds disgusting (I guess that is the point). It’s kinda humorous though. After one boxer knocks out the other, the commercial changes and says […]


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