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Yogurt Burst Cheerios

Ok, this one takes the cake for by far one of the worst, most uncreative commercials I’ve seen. It features what appears to be normal everyday people trying to sign a song and dance. It is pathetic … I guess that’s supposed to be funny … maybe to the Cheerios marketing people. Rating: 0 remotes […]

The Worst TV Commercials

Dr. Scholls – you gellin?

Dr. Scholls – you gellin? No, you slacken? Na, actually this one isn’t all that dumb (I’ve seen MUCH worse), but I do think it belongs in the 90’s era. I’ll give it 2.5 remotes out of 5.


Charmin Toilet Paper

Is it just me, or does anyone else think those Charmin cartoon bear commercials sickening? I mean come on … a couple of bears always takin a dump behind trees next to a river with a roll of TP hanging from a limb. Time to change your ad agency Charmin. Dumb!


Subaru cars crossing street while deer waits

Subaru cars crossing street while deer waits. Starts with cars driving through the wilderness, then they come to a road which they proceed to cross … a deer is standing in the middle of the road waiting patiently for the several cars to pass by. The cars continue into the wilderness and the deer looks […]


BAM! Crest & Emeril

BAM! Crest & Emeril Lagassi Starts with Emeral brushing his teeth in the morning, then running to a cab which takes him to a lake, he jumps into a small boat and runs through the woods to stop and scream BAM! He should have screamed … DUMB!!!


eHarmony’s founder … don knotts?

Is eHarmony’s founder really Don Knotts? You decide: Can you guess which one is the founder of eharmony and which on is Don Knotts? OR (ok pretend the label isn’t on the second photo … it’s the best one I could find) They must be brothers.

Today's TV Commercials

My first post!

My first post in the new TV Commercial Blog … this site will feature (starting now) news, reviews, funnies … and more … on Television Commercials. The blog is run by me, Sean. Why a blog on TV Commercials? Because they are funny, dumb, interesting and some are actually useful, so I thought I’d share […]

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